About Us

The Journey of Victor George and Ethixera Consulting

Victor George, CEO and lead consultant at Ethixera Consulting in Raleigh, NC, has dedicated his extensive career in banking, IT, and consultancy to championing ethical business practices, risk management, and technological innovation. At the heart of Ethixera is a commitment to transforming business visions into reality with a strong focus on governance, compliance, and ethical conduct. Victor’s journey, driven by a realization of the need for integrity and ethical governance, has led Ethixera to offer bespoke solutions globally in IT, cybersecurity, and risk management, underpinned by values of compassion, empathy, and sustainability. Beyond his professional endeavors, Victor is passionate about community upliftment, which is evident in his leadership of an adult flag football program and his engagement in content creation and educational services to promote ethics and continuous learning. Looking ahead, he aims to retain and expand Ethixera’s client base through exceptional services, engaging content, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices, envisioning a future where Ethixera leads in fostering positive change in communities and the business world alike.